Electronic products for the security industry from Hungary

Hardware and software developments for the security industry

Our enterprise has developed, manufactured and sold electronic products (both hardware & software) for the B2B security industrysince 1995. Our activity focuses to meet the requirements arisen first of all in the local market, but due to this experience, we are increasing export and import relationships, too. We are looking for local sales representatives to be paid on a commission basis. Please send your application directly to our email address

Tour patrol control system

ELSATO Tour patrol control system

The ESD guard control system from ELSATO Ltd. exactly logs the movement of the Patrolguards: who, when, where was? Advantages of the ESD system: robust, RFID, USB, offline, automatic evaluation report generator, expandable, no further fees. The system is ideal for security services in the guarding real estate in large territory, or of prestige, in of institutes with irreplaceable documents, values, information.

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Random person search selector system

ELSATO Random person search selector system

Using the Random person search selector system makes it easier and statistically acceptable to carry out spot test (persons, parcels and car inspections). Easy to install, easy to use, and has many convenience features. All relevant operational parameters is freely programmable, and if the expectations change, the settings can be easily modified. The RPS210 random selection unit, together with the ASM121 power supply, forms a fully functional system, but can be made more versatile with optional accessories.

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If you need random selection only occasionally or in a different location, use the "Pass or Stop" Android app that can be found in the Google Play online store. This application emulates the operation of the RPS210 unit.